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Trevor Caudle Law Practice

San Francisco, CA

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Professional Certification:
Juris Doctor - Santa Clara University, School of Law Bachelor of Science - Santa Clara University

Professional Resume:
Since becoming a member of the California State Bar, I have acquired substantial experience in a variety of practice areas including civil litigation (i.e. contractual, personal injury, construction, real estate, malpractice), corporate formation and governance, employment law, intellectual property (copyright and trademark) and general contract review and negotiation. I have also made countless appearances before administrative tribunals such as the labor board and the workers compensation board as well as before judges of the California Superior Court and the Federal District Court. Though I do not practice in the areas of family, immigration or criminal law, I am in contact with experienced professionals in these areas and can still be of assistance.

Of particular interest is the opportunity to assist fledgling businesses in navigating the minefield of forming, maintaining and growing a successful company in California. From simple tasks such as procuring a business license to substantially more complex and intimidating hurdles like choosing the proper entity (corporation, LLC, LLP, Delaware, California, etc.), hiring and terminating employees, and applying for a trademark, I have the experience that will permit entrepreneurs to focus on the goals of their enterprise and avoid the discouragement that can result from having to face these legal obstacles alone.

Trevor Caudle Law Practice will focus on the above practice areas and others, as the need arises. I am interested in talking about how I may be able to assist in your business, personal, and ? of course ? legal pursuits. There is no fee for a consultation and no reason to hesitate. I relish the opportunity to renew relationships that may have stalled over the past few years and would love to have a conversation ? catch up ? and see how I can be of assistance. I hope to hear from you soon.


Company Description:
Reasonable, Honest, and Effective Small Business Attorney

Trevor Caudle Law Practice is a small San Francisco law firm that focuses on providing top quality legal services in an ethical, honest and humble manner. TCLP prides itself on forming lasting relationships with clients in order to ensure that the best, most practical and most cost-effective legal advice is provided - every time. TCLP believes that forming a relationship with an attorney is a positive and prudent step in ensuring that you succeed in your endeavors - whatever they may be. I never charges for a telephone consultation and am eager to hear about and discuss any legal issues you may have.

Why should you choose Trevor Caudle Law Practice?

Successfully starting and operating a business is an extremely difficult proposition. Competent legal advice with respect to which, if any, legal entity (corporation, LLC, etc.) you should form is a necessity. Also, once formed what are the annual filing requirements for a Corporation or an LLC? Trevor Caudle Law Practice can assist in this, and other areas, including:

- the minefield of hiring and firing employees; - applying for trademark or copyright protection; - drafting and reviewing vendor agreements; - dealing with customer and vendor disputes.

You will never be surprised by an invoice from this firm, you have my word. - Trevor A. Caudle, Esq.

At TCLP we understand that our clients do not have endless budgets for legal matters. TCLP is itself a small business and we pride ourselves on being sensitive to the budgets of our clients and strive to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible, without sacrificing quality.

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