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Advocate Tax Group LLC

Moreno Valley, CA 92555

Advocate Tax Group LLC is a tax resolution and business consulting company established May 04, 2009 to assist clients with their tax debt problems by representing them before the Internal Revenue Service, Franchise Tax Board, Board of Equalization or any other tax agency.

  We conduct extensive financial analysis and research to determine the best possible resolution options available to the clients. All cases are worked as a team by our partners to obtain concurrence on the best solution to the clients tax problem and consul them on how to avoid future tax debts.

The research involves verifying the cause of the tax debt, recommending any abatement of tax accordingly, appealing when we disagree with processes or procedures utilized that do not conform to the rules, regulations and procedures prior to any enforcement against our clients assets.  Utilizing the most effective
tools available from the taxing agencies to resolve our clients tax problems and insuring that the client gets into current compliance with all filing and current tax paying requirements. We consul them on avoiding future mistakes or misunderstandings to prevent future tax debt problems.

 Our members expertise includes having resolved many tax collection cases involving abusive schemes, off-shore credit card investigations, high profile company and individual tax debt cases, international asset investigations, seizures of all types of assets, investigation and resolving offer in compromise cases, lien priority issues, suit recommendations for fraudulent transfer of assets, suits to reduce tax claims to judgments, suits for failure to honor garnishments, and all other types of IRS case resolution alternatives as noted on the Internal Revenue Manual for Collection.

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