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NATIVE LANGUAGE: Spanish SOURCE LANGUAGE: English AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION Education, Non-Profit, Literature, Journalism-Press, Proofreading/Editing, Clinical Trials, Business Reports, Insurance, Health Care, Employment, Housing, Politics, IT, Annual Reports, E-Business, E-Commerce, Finance, Immigration, General Medical, Internet/Network, Marketing, General Law, Travel, Certified Translation of Legal Documents and Diplomas, etc. WORKING EXPERIENCE An extract of my most significant work: Freelance Translation English to Spanish translation SEIU (Service Employees International Union): Political campaigns. SFOP (San Francisco Organizing Project): Agendas, Reports, Statements, etc. Ground Works Campaigns: Campaign pieces. Mobile Express Contact Solutions: Website contents. Medialocate: Staff training manuals, birth and marriage certificates. Canton Fair News: Travel and customer information. Bilingual Voices (Translation Agency) 2007-2008. Representative projects: ?Strategic Intervention Teacher Resource Book?, Harcourt: (20,200 words, insertions of vocabulary terms, building the Spanish PDF?s, and conversion of choice questions) April 2007. Kaiser Permanente May 2007. El Reportero Newspaper: Translation of weekly articles. (July 2005-April 2007). Spanish to English translation Hora 25 Global ( Translation of biographies of Hora 25 analysts. On-site translation Linguist-monitor: School Wise Press, Production and Translation Department (March 2007-August 2007). Proofreading/copywriting, report building with FileMaker Pro, English to Spanish translation, and editing of other translations. Monitor and review the consistency of terminology of 60,000 words for all the different versions of SARC school reports; correcting style, grammar, orthography, and selection of right regional terms for the mostly Mexican audience. Translation Consultant Rights and Translations Department: Mercury House 2001-Present. (Listed under maiden name: Iraida Velasco). Handling translation details and foreign rights issues. Interpreting Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreter: SFOP (San Francisco Organizing Project). January 2009 to present. Meetings, citywide actions, meetings with elected officials. DOCUMENT FORMATS AND CAT TOOLS FORMATS: MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Scanned documents. CAT TOOL: Wordfast RELEVANT EDUCATION EU Translation Diploma Master Level Diploma in Translation by Escuela de Traductores e Int?rpretes Estudio Sampere, Institute of Linguistics Registered Center # 2181. c/ Lagasca 16 - 28001 Madrid,, Tel.: 001 34 91 5759790 Short-Story Writing Workshop/Taller de cuento: pr?ctica del relato breve, Fuentetaja Literaria, Madrid, Spain ( Short-Story Writing Workshop/Taller de cuento de Andr?s Menc?a, Madrid Geography and History Studies, Universidad Nacional de Educaci?n a Distancia, Madrid, Spain








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I have been a freelance translator for different organizations for over 6 years, and have accrued a great deal of experience in many different fields.

Translating is very important for me, and I take it as a way to express my respect for the language and for the reader. I know that the image of an organization can be tainted by a single bad translation, and I consider a priority to produce a translation that talks well about my clients. Regarding my translation services, my priorities are to carefully observe the instructions given by my client, and to return the translation before the deadline.

There are three very important duties that I consider crucial: to proof my terminology, to use legitimate and pertinent Spanish, and to write with good literary style. My experience with different Spanish audiences has enabled me to use the appropriate branch of Spanish and to assure that my translations carry the equivalent register, usage, regionalisms, colloquialisms, and terminology as the source text. I dedicate great attention to grammar and sentence construction in order to return a material that reads naturally, and apply excellent research skills and dexterity in finding obscure terms. Lastly, my experience as a linguist-monitor has helped me to become especially meticulous in my final corrections, and to have special consideration for the accuracy and consistency of terminology. The result is a proofed and genuine text. Concerning corrections of materials, I have great communication skills, and I will be able to explain clearly what changes should be made and why. Given the case, I am qualified to write new materials in Spanish.

Lastly, I keep my translation skills updated and I thrive learning, for that I am constantly working on acquiring more knowledge or credentials in different aspects of translation and interpreting.

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