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Explores the art and craft of fiction-writing in depth. Students will examine the writing process in terms of story form, structure, pacing, writing vividly, using varied sentence patterns, building characterization, creating appropriate settings in time and place, using various points of view, developing themes, exploiting style and various poetic devices in prose








Only requirement is to have a passion for writing fiction.


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Schaumburg, IL 60193

I am here to provide quality academic English language instruction for students whose native language is not English; to prepare students for further academic study in the U.S., to provide English language instruction for personal enrichment; to provide students with the advising they need to successfully reach their academic or professional goals; and to provide learner-centered instruction. I'm still new to tutoring ESL students even though I have received a certificate, but it's easier for me to help if my student has the basic understanding of reading, writing and especially speaking English. I am also here to provide the basics of writing fiction. I've been writing almost every form of writing and have years of experience in writing fiction and so I'm extremely familiar with the basics, plus I know a lot of published authors and some publishers.

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