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As a Certified Life Skills Coach and MBTI Provider, I integrate the intuitive arts, and the art of palmistry and tarot cards providing my clients with a practical Intention Map of strategies to find success in life, love, health, and career. With 30 years of professional experience and having read over 50,000 people, you time spent with me will guide you toward your strengths and allow you to sharpen strengthen your skills where needed.





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The BodyWorks Massage Wellness Center

Mill Valley, CA 94941

My Mission is to bring you the best and most effective advanced Bodywork techniques and the most powerful elements of Body, Mind,& Spirit teachings which I have taken from the wisdom of our age. Level One The Masters Touch The Masters Touch offers you the best of integrated deep tissue, connective trigger point, tui-na acupressure, and a selection of other advanced bodywork techniques. This integrated whole body approach address the immediate cause, as well as the origins of pain and discomfort in your body. The goal, "to see you well" and to bring long lasting relief to your body. The Masters Touch is pleasurable, yet firm, stimulating and calming. The expert use of intentional visualizations, accompanied by soft music, invites the release of stress and tension through out the body, and mind. Concluding your session with a hot towel ritual, joined together with healing meditations, we create the perfect re-entry back into the physical world, leaving you grounded, rejuvenated and a bit closer to your life intention of living pain free. Level Two Tension Tamer The Tension Tamer Massage is a whole body treatment specifically for those who seek a soft touch, relaxing bodywork session. It applies the most effective elements of Lymphatic Drainage, Myo-Facial Release, Reflexology, and Polarity techniques to create a soothing spa like treatment, with the lasting effects of a masterful bodywork session. In the Tension Tamer the use of a lighter open hand strokes, and finger tips are employed to stimulate the flow of blood, lymphatic fluids, and muscle release through yoga like stretching, and unwinding range of motion techniques. The goal, "to allow your body to breath" and release the muscle memory of past or present injuries. The use of healing music and sound, meditations, and intentional visualization, combined with guided breath work, allow for transformational long lasting, positive effects to occur in the body. As with all the customized sessions the use of hot towels are used to warm the senses, and ease you back into the physical world. Level Three The Coaching Arena The Coaching Arena provides practical tools you can use for a lifetime. We start with who you are willing to "BE". We identify your "Standards of Integrity". We set your "Life Intentions". These powerful coaching tools are used to establish an understanding of how to make life altering decisions, and how to achieve your goals. You will begin to see them from a more discerning point of view, and will have the opportunity to change them, by taking authentic actions. Combined with nutritional cleansing the Coaching Arena will guide you to what actions you need to take to preserve, and grow your health and your wealth?

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