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I come from a long lineage of Psychics. My ancestry can be traced to the ancient Greek & Roman Oracles of Delphi, Dodona & Didyma. I have had a gift all of my life ... Stemming back to my very early childhood I was able to sense and see things before they happened! I am a part of the Universe, and I share that Universal power. Whatever the challenge you're facing ... I can help you; * personal * relationship * business * financial * career * spiritual ~ I have been helping people just like YOU ... For over 50 yrs ~ Are you seeking a more satisfying and fulfilling life? Do you want to get in touch with your ZEN? If you are feeling stuck, unsure how to achieve your goals, repeating patterns or simply seeking guidance... I can help you move forward, find solutions, overcome fears, and unlock your inner potential! No matter where you are in your life now ... You can have access to a voice of wisdom and encouragement, with your own personal support person! My goal is to help you determine, and achieve your personal goals. Clarify whats really important to you in your life & put the principles for living into action now! Identify limitations and fears that block you from pursuing your passions... Eliminate inappropriate beliefs and behaviors... Reduce the stress that comes from living out of alignment with your true desires. Identify your life purpose ... Discover your life passions ... Determine what you are meant to do! I do not discriminate against or judge anyone! You are not alone anymore ... Let me help you find the answers you seek! I use a combination of psychic abilities, psychiatry, and common sense in your session with me! My reading are not always what you want to hear; But they are what you need to know! You are here for one reason ... To get answers ... I have them for you! Where is the path that YOU'RE on ... headed?





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My Gifts Are: * Precognition ~ 99% ( knowledge of a future event or situation ) * Clairvoyance ~ 99% ( power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses ) * Remote Viewing ~ 99% ( the ability to gather information about a distant or unseen target ) * Retrocognition ~ 98% ( perception of something that has happened in the past ) * Empathy ~ 92% ( identification with and understanding of another's situation ) * Channeling ~ 90% ( convey messages from a spiritual guide ) * Telepathy ~ 90% ( communication between minds by some means other than sensory perception ) My accuracy rate is 99.34%

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