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Paddle Tennis   0:30 Minutes
Paddle Tennis tutor   0:30 Minutes

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The game of Paddle Tennis was originated in 1898 as a game for children, by Frank P. Beal of Albion, Michigan.

He started the game after being cut from his college tennis team. When Beal moved to New York he indroduced it to underpriviledged children in Greenwich Village, and soon afterward the first paddle tennis tournament took place in neighboring Washington Square.

The United States Paddle Tennis Association was founded in 1926. Years later the game became popular in California, South Carolina and Florida.

In 1959 Murray Geller completely revised the rules, court markings, and dimensions, creating the spectacular and exciting game we know today.

The stroke, grips, scoring and strategy of Paddle Tennis are the same as in Tennis, so if you are a Tennis Player, you will know how to play Paddle Tennis.

The server, however, is allowed only one underhanded serve. And in Paddle Tennis single, the server must allow the return of serve to bounce once before rushing to the net.

A regular tennis ball which has it's internal pressure reduced by being punctured (by a hypodermic needle) so that when dropped from a height of six feet to the court surface, the bounce will not be less than 31 inches (the height of the net), not more than 33 inches.

The regulation court is 50 feet by 20 feet wide. The same court is used in singles and doubles; there are no doubles alleys.

A minimum of 15 feet backspace and 10 feet sidespace is recommended.

Paddle Tennis can be enjoyed at all levels of play. It requires little talent or equipment, but gives us much more than just a great game. It allows us fun, laughter and lasting relationships. It allows us to meet people we otherwise wouldn't have come into contact with, to develop strong friendships, both near and far and travel to areas we might not have ventured to otherwise, such as the Florida National Beach Paddle Tennis Championships, held in St. Augustine, Florida on the weekend of Memorial day, for over 35 years and Paddle Tennis Players look forward to this exciting tournament, it is so much fun, I've been going for 10 years now, my partner Denise Yogi has been going for 25 years.

We get to meet Paddle Tennis Players from all ove the United State, and St. Augustine is such a beautiful little city.

The right people are coming together and plans are underway to increase the number of tournaments, the purses, sponsorships and media coverage.





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