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This is a regular kickboxing class for women. No TAEBO! This the real stuff. Learn how to fight while getting in the best shape of your life. Burn up to 1800CalPH (When following instructions)







$8.00 for no show.

Signed contract for at least 3 motnhs (Only way you will se results) Boxing Gloves, handwraps.

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Om Tao Kickboxing & Fitness

New Orleans, LA 70124

I have the following programs open to most of all fitness levels

Personal Training

After we discuss your goals, I will create a program to meet your needs. My training program is normally designed to take you and your body to the next level of competition. If you decide to follow my advice you will see results in about 2 or three months of continued work. I reassess your progress periodically and design new programs to continually challenge you and meet your goals.

I design exercises programs at a challenging level to meet the realistic goals. My sessions are normally from 1 hour to *3 hours, (*30 min resting).

Muay Thai (Kickboxing-Boxing)

The most effective stand-up martial art ever created!

We follow the old style of Muay Thai that was developed in Thailand thousands of years ago.  The art of Muay Thai is the National Sport of Thailand and has already gained popularity and recognition in the US and internationally.  Muay Thai is the highest level of martial art there is, as every part of the body is utilized to attack and defend. Muay Thai classes take the beginner through the fundamentals of Muay Thai. This involves bag work, light contact sparring and body mechanics.  As you advance, you will develop a solid base of Muay Thai techniques, as well as a conditioned body---a key element to correct training!  Advanced techniques and strategies will develop from your Muay Thai base.  You will then learn to combine these techniques and strategies through enhanced pairing drills, bag work and pad work.

Kickboxing (Just for women)

This kind of sport is instantly becoming one of the most talked about Fitness programs in the country. Hollywood movie stars, Olympic athletes, house wives, office workers, lawyers, doctors, police officers or just about anyone that wants to get into the best shape of there lives and have a blast while doing it are finding out the secrets of these awesome classes.  

This program focuses on helping you achieve overall fitness, tone your muscles and feel better about yourself.  It is a great way to get in shape or work on techniques for self-defense. A fast paced high energy workout that will push your body to the limits and a great class for every body type!  This Muay Thai based fitness program is  a non-contact class.

Come by and sign up for 2 FREE CLASSES and you will instantly see how YOU will get into the best shape of your life!  

  • Bag and Mitts Circuit: This cardio-based workout focuses on the fitness & conditioning aspect of Muay Thai as well as the technique and correct form.  You will punch, kick, and knee your way through 60 minutes of high intensity training drills. The workout is fun, safe, challenging and accommodates all levels of fitness and body types!  You'll burn up to 1,500 calories & excess fat, improve strength & flexibility, muscle tone & endurance, AND learn self-defense tactics in just one class! 

You will need 14 oz. or 16 oz. gloves and hand wraps to attend this class (we will provide them for your trial only).    

  • Strength & Conditioning: This class is a “no-frills” high-energy boot camp-style workout that combines cardiovascular conditioning, calisthenics, interval training and plyometrics. You'll run, jump, sit-up, push-up, squat down and lunge your way to results! Challenge your mind and body in an intense total body-conditioning workout; All levels of fitness are welcome!

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is vital component of Outdoor Outreach programming. I will lead participants through carefully selected terrain that ensures fun for all skill levels.  Along with advancing their biking skills and strategies, youth learn proper trail etiquette and environmental awareness and practice bicycle care and maintenance.  Day trips are offered year-round and take place in local areas near Crystal Lake, Huntley, Chicago, Oswego. All this places are located in the State of Illinois. 

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